iPad Mini Apple

    Now there is news that is interesting enough to discuss the emergence of the iPad mini rumors are soon expected to launch soon on Apple.

    iPad Mini with 7-inch screen is reportedly going to be launched on 23 October (sources compass). The mini-sized tablet device is still a mystery to be interesting. Because, in addition to having a high specification estimated costs are much cheaper.

    iPad Mini Apple
    iPad Mini 

    Really will be labeled with the name "iPad Mini"? So far, Apple has never used the name "Mini" for the iDevice such as iPod and MacBook. They (Apple) prefer to call as an iPod nano or Macbook Air to smaller device sizes. Let's find out the answer below.

    Probably named iPad Water

    Until now often called a mini-sized iPad Mini. Not necessarily when it will be launched officially named iPad Mini, may be called the "iPad Air" or "iPad Nano".

    Screen Size and Resolution

    Although digadang carrying 7-inch screen does not mean the right size 7 inches. Allegedly will carry 7.85-inch screen with a resolution of 1024 × 768 pixels as the iPad 2 and Retina Display technology.

    Internal memory capacity

    If the Apple previously given a choice of 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB is not a mini iPad. Apple will give a choice of 8GB and 16GB storage only. However, we also could not determine the truth.

    Color iPad Mini

    Generation iPad, iPad 2, to New iPad (iPad 3) always use a monotone colors namely silver combined black on the front. Most likely Apple will provide more color variations for the generation of the iPad Mini. Like the colors - bright colors held by the iPod Touch.

    The rest we will discuss after the iPad Mini really - really skied on 23 October. For those who are curious and impatient should start saving from now.